On May 7th, DAPHACO Electric Cable Corporation officially signed a partnership with MMEM, one of Australia’s largest distributors of electrical and electronic products.

This event marks an important milestone in the relationship between the two companies and opens up opportunity for development cooperation, particularly in the production of electrical cables with LION’s strong products such as residential cables, low voltage cables, and control cables.

Mr. Dao Quang Huy, General Director of DAPHACO, and Mr. Sam Page, General Director of MMEM at the signing ceremony

Strategic Coopertation Between DAPHACO and MMEM Group

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Nguyễn Anh Khương – Vice President, Mr. Đào Quang Huy – General Director, and Mr. Trần Văn Bạn – Factory Director. From MMEM, Mr. Sam Page – General Manager, Commercial and Mr. David O’Brien – Branch Manager of Haymans were present.

The signing ceremony took place at DAPHACO’s factory in Long An. Representatives from MMEM toured the production process and were introduced to LION’s key product lines. DAPHACO’s factory produces more than 60,000 tons/year with modern machinery imported from Europe, Japan,  Taiwan,… showcasing its strong production capacity and aspiration to conquer both domestic and international markets.

Representative of MMEM Company, Haymans Branch highly appreciated the production capacity and quality of LION electric cables

As a manufacturer, DAPHACO commits to ensuring product quality meets local market standards. Both parties will collaborate on advanced technological solutions to enhance efficiency and provide suitable products for the Australian market.

LION Electrical Cable Brand

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting electrical cables, DAPHACO and the LION brand aim to bring high-quality Vietnamese electrical cables to the international market. 

This partnership not only opens new development paths and elevates the partnership but also establishes a foundation for continued support and extensive cooperation toward sustainable development. Together, DAPHACO and MMEM will deliver the best products to meet customer needs in one of the world’s leading markets.

Future Prospects

With a spirit of continuous innovation and improvement, DAPHACO sets new goals, including expanding export markets, enhancing production capacity, and improving product quality to meet all customer demands. The partnership with MMEM offers DAPHACO opportunities to increase its competitiveness in the international market.

DAPHACO and LION Electrical Cable aim to become the leading electrical cable manufacturer in Vietnam, operating on principles of transparent management and sustainable development. The company’s products undergo rigorous quality control processes from R&D to production and delivery, earning trust from both domestic and international customers.