Terms & Conditions of Warranty

I. Scope of Application

  • Applicable to all electrical cable products manufactured by DAPHACO Electrical Cable Joint Stock Company.
  • Applicable nationwide (within the territory of Vietnam).

II. Warranty Conditions

  • Genuine products produced by the Company.
  •  Product damage determined to be the Company’s fault.
  • Product still within the warranty period (18 months from the delivery date or 12 months from the installation date, whichever comes first).
  • In case of any malfunction during product usage, please maintain the current condition and on-site situation. Please inform the Company to jointly assess, investigate, and determine the cause.

III. Cases not covered by the warranty

  • Products damaged due to incorrect usage regarding design features and technical requirements, such as:
  • Overload (using electrical cables beyond the allowed current load).
  • Use beyond the voltage level of the electrical cable.
  • Incorrect usage under environmental conditions (direct immersion in water, exceeding the permissible ambient temperature, etc.).
  • Products damaged due to improper storage and preservation, contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations and regulations.
  •  Products showing signs of external interference, scratches, deformation caused by external impacts, fire, explosion, or corrosion due to inadequate protection during construction.

Products damaged due to construction not following the manufacturer’s recommendations or not complying with the National Standards for electrical system installation, including cases such as:

  • Electrical cables must be routed through suitable conduits or boxes with appropriate rigidity to protect the cables and prevent water ingress, and water retention that may affect the cables when constructed through foundations, walls, or floors.
  • During construction, cable ends must be protected and sealed to prevent water ingress, lime, cement, etc., which can cause oxidation on the surface of the copper wires (discoloration, blackening, darkening)
  •  Products damaged due to natural disasters.

Customers are advised to inspect the goods before use and follow the “Instructions for Use and Storage” provided on the product label.