Not only catering to domestic needs, DAPHACO also sets its sights on accessing the international market with high-quality, safe, and energy-efficient electrical conductor products. To concretize this direction, in November 2023, DAPHACO successfully exported a shipment of electrical cables under the brand LION to the Australian market. DAPHACO believes that the daily efforts the company invests will contribute to expand and develop the Vietnamese brand in the field of electrical cables on an increasingly global scale.

Australia is considered a challenging market with stringent import regulations, making it difficult for Vietnamese goods to access, despite preferential tariff treatments. Apart from packaging requirements, especially strict product standards and regulations pose significant challenges for Vietnamese exports when trying to penetrate this market.

The export of DAPHACO electrical cables to the Australian market serves as evidence of the company’s manufacturing capability and the quality of its products, fully meeting international standards. DAPHACO products are manufactured and tested in accordance with the Vietnamese National Standards (TCVN), as well as international standards such as IEC, BS EN, JIS, AS/NZS, UL. The company operates under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to ensure the production of high-quality and consistent products that meet the stringent standards of both domestic and international markets.

With an unwavering commitment to continuous development and international market expansion, DAPHACO has become a reliable manufacturer of electrical cables, exporting to countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, and several others. Particularly, the successful export to high-demand and stringent markets like Australia will pave the way for expanding the consumption market of LION electrical cable products to other promising markets.

The successful export of LION electrical cables to the Australian market marks a new milestone for DAPHACO, contributing to establishing Vietnam’s presence on the global map of electrical cables.